– Win Free Gift Card – The American luxury salon experience providing brand My Salon offers a customer satisfaction survey for its customers on the web page - Win Free Gift Card - My Salon Survey – Win Free Gift Card

The Survey comes along with a coupon code incentive prize for all those who take the My Salon customer satisfaction survey.

In this article,you will get to know more about the entire process of taking the My Salon customer satisfaction survey.

How To Take The My Salon Survey

To begin, you must keep a receipt for any recent purchase made at a My Salon store from any of your recent visits to the Salon. After you have your receipt, go to the survey page of.

The My Salon Customer satisfaction survey on to start taking the survey online.After you manage to get to the web page.

You will now need to enter and select a few details from your visit and from the visit from which the receipt was issued.

First,you will need to select the Salon that you visited from the drop down box.After that,you must enter the state that you are from,the city and the store you visited.

After that,you must enter what were the services that you availed during your visit to the Salon.

After you enter that,you will need to select the date and time as printed on the receipt.After that, enter the survey code on the receipt,and also fill in the name of the Stylist that served.

You there.Once you fill in all of this,click on next.On clicking next,the page will then direct you to the major survey questions.

These questions will mostly ask you to discuss and score your experience with My Salon stores in terms of service, atmosphere, your experience and more during your My Salon visit.

Answer such questions completely truthfully for the benefit of all parties concerned. After you’ve answered these questions.

The page will prompt you to submit a few more personal contact details, such as your phone number and email address, in order to move on to the next section.

which is the sweepstakes. After you’ve completed that, you’ll be directed to the sweepstake lottery. Once the sweepstakes is completed and the prizes are announced.

You will be notified if you have won anything.These are the steps that you need to trace in order to be able to take the.

My Salon customer satisfaction survey and enter the My Salon sweepstake draw. - Win Free Gift Card - My Salon Survey

Rewards of the My Salon Survey

All those who complete the My Salon customer satisfaction survey will receive a code at the end of the survey process.

That code can then be redeemed at My Salon in the form of some grand prizes that can be used at your next My Salon Visit.

Read the terms and conditions to know better on the My Salon survey website.

Terms & Conditions of the My Salon Survey

To enter the My Salon survey and sweepstake, the entrant must be at least 18 years old and older, if possible, to be able to qualify for these programs.

Furthermore, in order to be eligible, participants and survey takers must be legal residents of either the United States of America or Canada.

Customers can participate in the survey only once per receipt.

The rewards of the My Salon Survey and sweepstake cannot be exchanged for cash or transferred in any manner; instead, it must be accepted as a gift card as designed by My Salon.

Any additional taxes owed are the winners’ responsibility, not My Salon’s. Employees, advertisers, investors, and linked personnel of My Salon, as well as their relatives.

Are not eligible to participate in the survey or sweepstakes. The survey entry and sweepstake participation will become invalid if these terms and conditions are not followed. - Win Free Gift Card - My Salon Survey

Requirements of the My Salon Survey

Participants in the My Salon survey and sweepstakes must meet the age and location conditions outlined above.

They must also have a receipt from any purchase made at a My Salon shop in order to participate in the survey.

Customers must have access to an electronic device, such as a phone, laptop, or computer, in order to view the survey website.

To take the survey, the electronic device must also be linked to the internet via an active internet connection.

Survey takers must also have a basic understanding of the English language in order to comprehend the survey’s content and follow the instructions.

In order to get notices if they win the My Salon sweepstakes reward, participants must also enter a valid email address. These are the rules for entering the My Salon survey and sweepstakes.

About My Salon Survey

My Salon is an American luxury approach to the idea of a salon.The company was founded in the year 2012 in Louisiana by Ken and Alana McAllister.

The brand has grown in such a short period of time and can now be found in over 200 locations all across the United States of America as well as Canada.


The My Salon survey allows My Salon to keep track of their customers’ requirements, wants, loves, and dislikes at the My Salon stores.

The survey also includes an attractive sweepstakes prize for a few lucky customers, encouraging more people to participate and benefiting both the customers and My Salon. - Win Free Gift Card - My Salon Survey

My Salon Survey FAQs

  • Is purchase necessary?

Answer – No.

  • How much time does it take to take the survey?

Answer – About 3-5 minutes approximately.

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